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Related post: Date: Fri, 04 Nov 2005 00:57:31 +0000 From: Jan Vincent Subject: A Pure Moment of LifeA Pure Moment of Life The Paris & Nicky Hilton's Love StorybyJan Vincent SUMMARY: This story is about the famous pair of sisters Paris & Nicky Hilton. It's an erotic fantasy of mine describing a love affair between them. DISCLAIMER: This story is totally fictional and in no way attempts to describe real events. I don't know Paris or Nicky personally, nor have I any contact with someone who knows them. lolitas art young nude For added realism, I did some research on what was lolas bbs pics model said black girls nude lolita about them, but you know very well that it's one thing what journalists say and another how people are in reality. The "perceived reality" is always a bitch. Thus, this erotic story is just it -- nothing more, nothing less. I non-nude and nude lolitas think everybody is a little bit fascinated by them and I believe some of us envies them in one way or another. At least they know how to party and have fun, even at risk of being found shallow and spoiled. Paris & Nicky seem to be really bbs lols small sundolls nice to each other and their deep bond is pretty obvious. I decided to take their bond a little further in this fantasy of mine.Enjoy!-jan Present day, at Paris & Nicky's Hollywood Hills house...Nicky Hilton watches her older sister sleep, her hand feeling the contours of Paris's body, the fingertips sliding up and around the shape of her sister's naked breast. They made love last night, and Nicky is surprised by the intensity of it all. Being a famous pair of sisters is one thing, being lovers is totally another.Nicky has always loved her sister very much, looks up to her, really, despite all the bad press and the nasty pieces journalists made up about her -- about them. Now that they are older, the playing field has been evened out. Nicky's awe for her sister has been replaced by self-doubt and the crippling fear that one day she might lose her. To the outside world, Paris is the older sister, but Nicky knows who actually behaves like "the older one." Paris loves to be taken care of, either by the guys she has been involved with, or by her younger sister. Nicky worries about Paris all the time. They call each other constantly when they are apart and she is the one who tells Paris to wise up -- from the choice of clothes to avoiding doing stupid stuff in public that could end up on the front page of the National Enquirer.Since that nasty Vanity Fair piece on them, when they were just 19 and 16 years old, Paris and Nicky Hilton have been household names to the masses, celebrity junkies and free lolita pic list the "debs," Paris's word for those who desperately seek fame little nude lolitas killed at all costs, in particular those so-called friends who'd hang out with them just to be famous but who'd diss them anonymously to any dirt-seeking journalist in a bat of an eye. Sadly, that's the price of fame, Nicky concludes, sighing, her hand still touching her sister's naked body. She has an urge to spread herself on Paris's body and kiss her, but she resists the temptation. Paris needed her rest after the hot, sensual night together. Nicky closes her eyes and relives their first real open-mouthed, passionate kiss, blushing, because of the intensity of her feelings for Paris. Her lolita preteen incest sex breathing becomes a little ragged and the desire for Paris returns.I wish I could tell you how much lol nude kiddy porn I love you, Nicky thinks. You're my sister, you're my lover, you're my everything, in spite of all the Kevins and Stavroses we've had in our lolitas kids model nymphet lives. When I'm with you, I can be myself, giggling all the time, because it feels so right next to you. That's why I love you. I love the way you amature young lolita videos make me laugh, because you can be so funny all the time. How can I not be in love with you?A couple of weeks ago, Nicky could not comprehend how a woman could love another so intensely. Lesbians would hit on her and her sister all the time, especially when they were younger and lived and partied in Southampton, New York. She'd feel repulse and a need to retch every time a much older woman came on to them. But now, as her hand caresses her sister's pierced navel and heaving lower belly, she is convinced she did miss out.Her petting stops, undecided whether she should go on with the south-bound path. Nicky realizes the moisture in her own crotch, between the folds of her sex. She reaches down under the bed sheets and touches her sister's perfectly trimmed pubic hair, noticing that her own breathing has quickened, but then chickens out and instead touches herself. The sensitive fingertips slide in between the lips down below, opening them as they enter. She glides her fingers in and up and down, reveling in the warmth and the moisture of her own love secretions.Although, unconsciously Nicky has had feelings for her sister since always, everything started when a stupid kid from Massachusetts hacked into Paris's cell phone, posting her sister's address book on the internet, exposing de-listed phone numbers of their famous friends like, Eminem's and Anna Kournikova's, as well as some very compromising photos of a naked Paris being kissed by another woman, MTV VJ Eglantina Zingg. Nicky was appalled when she learned the news. Her older sister was crying, shocked by that blatant violation of privacy. Even the FBI was investigating the little lolitas web sites hacking and the kid had gotten a 11-month jail sentence and $250,000 fine.This was not the first time Paris kissed another woman, though. Although her older sister denied it, Nicky was convinced that Paris was definitely bi. There were times she'd caught Paris kissing other girls, and the hacking episode only made her go back in time, when they still lived in L.A., and used to have a russian lolita top sites calmer, homely life. When she was 12 and her sister 15, every Friday night they'd watch movies or make up dances together. There was even a time when Paris used to kiss her on the lips as a way of teasing her about not having any boyfriends to speak of.Suddenly, Paris's eyes open and her older sister, with a tired smile, says, "You already awake? Don't you ever sleep?""I was looking at you," Nicky says softly. "I was watching over you.""You were, weren't you?" Paris smiles, stretching up her arms and yawning.Nicky nods."You're so sweet. Come here free hentai lolikon picture and give me a hug."Nicky complies and her urge of spreading herself on her sister comes true, one of her thighs sliding in between her older sister's legs, noticing the warmth radiated by her sister's sex. It seems as though lolita nude photo gallerie Paris's desire for her has not gone cold through the night. On the young doll lolita model contrary, her older sister's feelings for her are still strong, if not stronger. Paris kisses her on the chin, her sensual lips tracing the contour of young love movie lolita her cheeks, moving on to her earlobe. Paris bites it playfully, making Nicky giggle a bit, pressing her mound against her older sister's hipbone, holding her sister's shoulders more tightly. Nicky heaves a deep sigh and then young girl lolita cp a moan, when Paris's devilish tongue penetrates her ear."Stop it, you're making me...""Fucking hot?" asked Paris mischievously. "I can't. You already are."Nicky giggled again, her heart beating faster, feeling somewhat lightheaded, again the magnitude of her feelings for her sister overwhelming her. Unaware, a teardrop lolita teen hairless model wells up in her eye and glides down onto her sister's skin."Are you crying?" Paris asks, holding up her sister's head so that she can see her face."No.""Yes, you are.""No, I'm not." Nicky shakes her head more forcefully. "It's just..." She is afraid of going on. She doesn't want to freak her sister out. The things they did to each other last night was already far from normal, or whatever that meant."Go on.""No, I don't want to." Nicky removes herself from her sister's body and leaves her sister's room. She runs to her own room and shuts the door behind, before the tears run down her cheeks."Nicky," she hears her sister call. "Nicky, what the hell happened?" Paris knocks on her door and tries to open it, but Nicky prevents it with her naked, lolita russian teen pre shaking body."Nicky, open the door.""No.""Nicky, this is really stupid."Nicky knows her sister is right. They should talk about it, but how normal is saying to one's sister you're really in love with her. free preteenlolita pussy pic -oOo- A week ago, at Puerta Vallarta, Mexico...Paris is reading a piece about her. Val Kilmer stated that she was a typical example of being famous for nothing at all. At preteen free lola pics first she gets angry, but then she is unable to prevent some tears from welling up in her eyes. She really cares about what other people say, no matter how much she repeats to herself that these people did know nothing about her.Just because she's good-looking, platinum blonde, and likes to dress up and go to parties, that doesn't mean she's stupid. What most people don't know is that she has just made $100,000,000 with her modeling, singing, acting career as well as with her self-named jewelry and perfume lines. How about that for a stupid girl? They call her "heiress" but in a couple of years she has earned more than her share of preteen lolitas getting raped the Hilton Hotels she is entitled to.Paris stands up and throws the magazine to the floor in a fit of anger and looks for some weed. She's not a big smoker but from time to time she lights up some weed to make her relax and drain the stress away from her body. Outside she hears Stavros Niarchos laughing. He's a 20-year-old good-looking Greek guy she is seeing after the breakage of her engagement to Paris Latsis. The paparazzi hunted them down while they were having fun with a couple of Kawasaki beach motorbikes. To make their stories juicier Paris kissed him in front of their cameras. Let them talk, she said to herself with a smile. Let them call me stupid and a ditz, but it's me who's having fun and hot liltle lolas pics laughing all the way to the bank with the free publicity.Out lolitas 12 years pussy of the blue, her cell phone rings. It's her sister Nicky. Paris picks up her cell phone and presses the green button."Nicky?""Yeah, it's me.""What happened? You sound weird." There was a pause. Paris waited a little while longer but her younger sister doesn't say a thing. "Nicky, what happened? You're worrying me.""Oh, it's nothing.""C'mon, tell me what's wrong with you. Is it Kevin again?" Paris asks, meaning Kevin Connolly, Nicky's boyfriend."No, not really. It's...""It's what?""Well, Nicole's called and it was kinda awkward.""Yeah, it was her fault," Paris says, upset by the memory of what her supposedly best friend did. In front of a bunch of a partygoers, Nicole Richie, Lionel Richie's daughter and Paris's childhood friend, humiliated her in the worst way by displaying the infamous sex tape One Night In Paris on a big screen to a bunch of people they both knew. "I won't trust that bitch again, nor should you.""Yeah, I know. The stupid thing with the tape, that was uncalled-for.""Uncalled-for? That was more than uncalled-for. That was mean. I've never felt so humiliated in my life and she knows it.""Star," her sister says, african american lolitas nude calling Paris by her familiar nickname. "Don't. Calm down. I didn't want to upset you.""Well, you did.""I'm sorry. I am, believe me.""So, if you didn't call me to make me miserable, why did you?""I just wanted to call you to say that I miss you. When are you coming back to L.A.?"Paris smiles, inhaling the weed smoke, shutting her eyelids and plumping herself down on her bed. Everybody thinks that Stavros is her boyfriend, but she doesn't mind it as long as she doesn't have to sleep with him. She wants to take things slowly now, since Paris Latsis two-timed her during a bachelor party. She dumped him right after, calling off their engagement and issuing an official statement that she was too young to get married."Did you miss me?""Yeah, of course. I'm you sister. You make me laugh like high heel nude lolitas no other.""You're so sweet. You're so sweet to me, unlike..." Paris's unable to continue. The pain caused by Nicole and her ex-fiancÚ comes rushing in. She is in tears and she sobs out loud."Oh, I'm sorry. I'm such a klutz. I am sorry, sis. I really am.""No, that's OK," Paris says, wiping the tears with her free hand, while holding the cell phone and the weed with the other. "I'm OK.""Are you?""Yes.""So, when are you coming back?" -oOo- Present day, at Paris & Nicky's Hollywood Hills house...Nicky watches her sister take a call from Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay is sexy lolita models gallery still upset by all the crank calls she received because of the hacking into Paris's Sidekick, but Lindsay is willing to let it pass. Paris repeats how sorry she is by the whole incident, explaining once more she really didn't know how unsafe those devices were. When the call ends, it's Paris's turn to look troubled.Nicky turns around so that Paris doesn't see she was watching her."So, what are you doing?" Paris says, sitting on the kitchen island, eating some grapes she grabbed from the fruit bowl."Cooking. For the both of us. Some of us have to do something around the house, because things don't just get done.""Yeah, I know you're cooking. But what?""Not a pizza. Some real food for a change.""Yeah, smartass," Paris says, jumping off the island and hitting loli pics and videos her sister's ass with a friendly swat. "Okay, I'll spruce up the damn bedroom while you do your best impression of a chef."Nicky laughs, breathing out deeply, as she senses her sister walking out of the kitchen. Better that way, she thinks. She can make me nervous sometimes Despite the talk they have had, things are still awkward between them.Kathy, their mother, had called from New York to ask how they were right in the middle of their talk. It was unreal to sit in her own bed, both of them naked, while they took turns at talking to Kathy on the phone.When Paris put down the phone, she smiled at her. "If she really just knew...""She can't never know, Star. You have to promise me that.""Relax, nobody will know. I learned my lesson. Never again I'll put any important info on my phone, and I'm not planning to tell anyone about this.""There's no this. This was a mistake.""Mistake?" Paris said. "Mistake was what happened to me and you, with those fucking lolita nympho model photos two-timing bastards we let in our lives. That's a mistake. This isn't.""Kevin's been good to me," Nicky stated almost automatically. "He's been a good friend. He listens to me, but...""But what?""Nothing," Nicky said, shaking her head."But what?" Paris insisted.Nicky snaps out of her daydreaming, while her body works in automatic pilot, giving the last touches to their healthy brunch, while the last remains of the unfinished talk with her sister still fight for their existence inside her head. She gets angry at herself. She gets angry with her own feelings for Paris. Life would be far easier if she had those for Kevin, but unfortunately she has to admit that Paris will always be the love of her life. -oOo- Five days ago, at Paris & Nicky's Hollywood Hills house...Paris and Nicky embrace and ask each other how the weekend was."Nice, Puerta Vallarta's a kind of paradise," Paris replies, as she unpacks one of her several suitcases."Yeah, next time I'm coming with you.""There will be no next time.""No next time? Why? I thought you and Stavros were really getting along.""Yes, we are, but I don't think I'll go back to Mexico so soon. That's why I said there isn't a next time. So, how'd things go with the folks?""We went out, nothing big," Nicky replies, walking around her sister, avoiding the myriad of things her sister has just unpacked and placed on the floor."Yeah, I saw the photos. You looked good in that black dress.""Thanks, although I kind of hated the whole thing."Paris stops the unpacking and looks up at her sister, who stands just a foot away from her. "What happened?""I don't know. Maybe because of their sudden wish of becoming famous. Even though we both try to help them with the TV show, I still don't know why they do it."Paris shrugs and smiles. "Yes, even Rick and Kathy are debs in that respect."Nicky laughs. "Yes, they are, aren't they?"Still busy with the unpacking, Paris shares a smile with her sister. "So, do you have any plans for tonight?""No, not really. I thought you'd want to stay home tonight.""No, I'm gonna check how things are at Shelter. Wanna come?""With Stavros?"Paris halts her unpacking and this time squints at her sister with an inquisitive look. She tilts her head and asks, "What happened, Nicky? You've been kinda strange since a few months now. You keep calling me for no apparent reason. You always worried with me. You're emotional all the time. What's happened? Are you jealous? You want me to introduce him to you?""No, I don't want it. I have Kevin, remember?""Then what do you want?""Don't go out tonight. Stay here with me, like we used to do when we were kids. Please?""Nicky, I have already made the arrangements.""With Stavros, right?""What's this thing with Stavros anyway? What the hell has gotten into you? Mom has never tried to control my dates. So why are you?""You're right, go. I don't care."As Nicky leaves her sister's room, Paris pounces on Nicky's arm and says, "Wait. Hey, you're crying again. What the fuck is happening to you, Nicky? Why are lolita assed rape clips you like this? Why are you crying all the time? Is this about Kevin still? The guy's a prick. He isn't worth a tear from you.""No, it's not," Nicky says with a hoarse voice and her face covered with wet streaks. "I just...""You just what?"Nicky shakes her head. "No, go. I won't bother you again."Paris wipes the tears off her sister's face with her fingers. "Come here, baby." They hug each other close and Nicky is unable to stop the sobbing. They stand on the hallway, holding each other until Nicky's crying fit subsides. -oOo- Present day, at Paris & Nicky's Hollywood Hills house...Nicky watches Paris light up some weed. Her sister makes smoke rings absentmindedly and again she is assaulted with an enormous urge to cry. She is really struck by beauty. Sitting at the table, together, with no one else but them, it's what she calls a pure moment of life. She can't get over the fact that everything in Paris attracts her, makes her want her sister like no-one else before. Paris has that star quality about her. That's why her parents called her Star. She used to envy her so much that it hurts. She sobs again, as images of their earlier bickering, when they were just two little girls, flashes through her mind.Paris goes around the table and kneels before her sister. She hushes her sweetly, pressing her close to her body. "It's OK, baby. It's OK.""Is it?" Nicky asks, with a husky voice, still sobbing."Yes, baby, why wouldn't it be?""I'm so scared.""About what?""About... everything. About nonnude lolita models bbs you hating me. About..." Nicky stops. Her lower lip shaking, tears spilling, wetting Paris's hands as she tries to maker her kid sister's face dry.""Why would I hate you?" Paris's face is just a few inches from Nicky's.Nicky feels her sister's breath on her lips. Desire 12yr old lolita videos returns and the pain retreats. "Because I made you make love to me.""I don't hate you for that. How could I? It was... I can't describe it... It was so right. It felt so right. And you're so intense that -- I don't know.""What do you don't know?""I've been with girls before. I've been with men before, but with you was different. Everybody thinks I'm this sexpot, but I am not. I never felt anything like that before, and you made cp lolitas preview free me feel it. So, how can I hate you?"Paris keeps smoothing her sister's hair. Nicky had regained her platinum blonde look after a short phase as a stunning brunette with piercing blue eyes. Nicky kisses Paris's palm and heaves a heavy sigh, pressing Paris's hand against her own cheek. Paris holds her sister tightly, shuts her eyes, and offers her face to be kissed by Nicky. Nicky obliges and kisses her sister's eyes, then her lips, then her cheeks, sliding her quivering lips onto Paris's mouth, until they finally kiss.They kiss for a long time, tongues searching tongues, tasting, dueling, fumbling. Nicky's heart is beating faster. She can't control her feelings and she presses her sister's body against her crotch as an orgasm hits her. She keeps the feeling inside by closing her legs around her sister's torso. Overwhelmed by it all, she keeps kissing Paris, who, with her eyes shut, revels in Nicky's attention. -oOo- Three days ago, at the Shelter Supper Club on Sunset Boulevard, L.A.....Paris and Nicky are whisked away into the trendiest, celebrity-catering L.A club, avoiding a collection bbs lolitas angels models of paparazzi who get angry because they have just missed the Hilton sisters, thanks to a diversion orchestrated by the club's management and the girls' bodyguards.Paris is in her element. She gets hit on several times but she just smiles. Only a few days ago, J.-Lo. was there with a bunch of people from her entourage, and so the room is full of star-struck people, who watch the Hilton sisters with curiosity. Nicky smiles as well but she feels somewhat conscious of herself. She didn't want to come but her sister insisted on it They used to go clubbing together all the time a few years ago. Since Paris's last engagement to Paris Latsis, her older sister had become more reluctant about the L.A. club scene, only showing up at parties that were remotely linked to her work.Even though Paris hates the taste pre 1920 lolita porn of alcohol, hot thumbnails pussy lolita she accepts two Bacardis on the house. She sips at one and gives the other to her sister, who has just turned 22. Nicky thanks her and looks around but quickly turns her back on the staring eyes of the crowd. She prays for the night to end, as she is really hating it. A few years ago, the ogling was exciting. Everything seemed new and fresh; now everything seems stale and ordinary. She makes a face when a guy sidles up to her and tries to initiate small talk. Even though she is not really in the mood, she is courteous and replies with monosyllables, watching her sister from the corner of her eye. As always, her sister looks gorgeous, with makeup on and her hair glamorized with hair extensions. She used to wear extensions too for a few shoots so that she and her sister would look the same, and now that her brunette looks are gone she decides they do look more alike than never before.Finally, at 1 a.m., Paris notices Nicky's boredom and goes over to her. "Not having a good time?"Nicky just shakes her head, unable to hide how miserable she feels."OK, let's go home then."This time the paparazzi are unavoidable as they have learned with their mistakes. Hundreds of cameras flash and almost blind Nicky. Her sister seems unfazed, driving away towards their Hollywood Hills house, closely tailed by their bodyguards' car.Once inside the house, Nicky sighs, putting down her designer's black bag on the living room's table. She reaches for the straps of her heels and steps out of them. Again she looks at her sister, who's on the phone with Andy Roddick, the tennis star who Paris used to date a couple of times. Jealousy hits her in the face, and so she scrambles up to her room, before she lets out a sob.For a long time, Nicky remains in her room, lying on her bed, in the darkness, still wearing her evening gown. She is awake, listening to the sounds of the house, her sister's laughter, her preteen lolita top maxwell sister's silence. She prays for her to come up and go to her, so that they could talk. -oOo- Present day, at Paris & Nicky's Hollywood Hills house...Paris and Nicky are in bed together, reveling in the warmth and feel of each other's naked bodies. Paris stares down at her sister and asks, "Why do you love me?"Nicky seems baffled with Paris's question. Softly she says, "Why do I love you?""Yes, why do you love me? I asked this, so many times, to people who say they love me, but then they stab me in the back.""I won't stab you in the back.""I know, that's why I want to know." Paris kisses Nicky's lips and they embark on another long drawn-out kiss. When they stop, Nicky pants for air, biting her bottom lip, as though she wants more, as though she is unsure.She brings her hands up and around her sister's back. With her fingertips she feels the bones of her sister's ribcage. Then she pushes her sister closer and kisses her neck, licking it, feeling how sensitive Paris is in that spot of her flesh, which smells so nice, which feels so smooth and feminine, making her head swim."You not going to answer me?" Paris protests, letting out a moan as her sister's hand caresses her right breast, teasing its nipple with her nervous, eager fingertips."I've always loved you, but you wouldn't pay attention to me. If you looked more closely you'd've noticed I was always watching you, sometimes lolita nude pay sites from afar, sometimes when we were just a few inches apart, watching movies together.""Why? I know I'm special but I didn't know you'd feel the same way about me."Nicky laughs despite herself and the overwhelming feeling, bordering on desperation, she has for her older sister."I told you. You make me laugh even if I'm sad. Nobody can do that but you.""Are you sad?"Nicky looks away to the side, her eyes film over. She blinks, repressing the tears but still wet streaks run down her cheeks."Why, Nicky? Why are you sad? Am I making you sad?"Nicky shakes her head."Then who?""It's nobody, it's everything.""What everything?" Paris says, her fingers drying off her sister's eyes."Everything. This. Us.""What about it?""I don't want this to end.""You wanted to end this. If it weren't for me this would've ended a long time ago.""Yes, that's true.""But still you're not happy.""No." Nicky twitches her right cheek, preteen anal loli models looking to the side, out of the window. It's raining heavily outside, a rare event in L.A."Why?""I want more.""More? How?""I don't want to share you with anyone, male or female."Paris seems flabbergasted. She gapes and then shakes her head. "Why?""Because." Nicky seals her words with a passionate kiss and for the first time she takes control, and makes her sister roll over on the bed. Getting atop Paris she starts making love to her body, licking her breasts and then her nipples. Paris top kds lolita sites shuts her eyes and willingly opens her long legs, moaning softly. Nicky's fingers touch Paris's folds. She's wet, Nicky thinks. She's wet for me. And she still doesn't know how much I love her. Oh, Paris! Why don't you love me the way I do. Why? -oOo- Two days ago, at Paris & Nicky's Hollywood Hills house...The folks have called. Paris has been out most part of the last couple of days, going to acting classes, meeting her agent and brand-new publicist, paying visits to her friends. Nicky has remained at home, fighting off her depression and growing frustration, doing some research for her Chick fashion line, making phone calls to order some fabric catalogs. She wants so badly for something to happen, but she's afraid that if something does, it will ruin their relationship as best friends and sisters forever.If the hacking hadn't happened, she wouldn't be in that awkward position -- lusting after her own big sister. dark bbs lolita collection But then, that was not really true. lolitas models nude vsm She didn't lust after Paris. She loved her, which was different than just lusting after her. Paris had always denied she had any interest in other girls sexually, but she was obviously not telling the truth. She realized it when nude bbs lolita nymphs a stupid jerk showed her the photos of Paris with Eglantina. She was so mad at him that she almost hit him across the face.When Paris returns home, at 2 a.m., Nicky's sleeping in her own bed. She awakes and asks, "Star, is it you?""Yes, who else?"Nicky leaves her bed lolita wet pic and walks over to the hallway. Still in the throes of her sleepiness, she watches Paris wobbling over to the bathroom."What happened to you? Are you drunk?""No," it was Paris's answer.Still, Nicky is not convinced and she follows her big sister to the bathroom. What she sees shocks her. Paris's lower lip is busted and she has bruises on her upper arm, very much like when her sister broke up with Nick Carter, but then she realizes she has just had the weirdest flashback. Paris is not bruised at all. She only looks tired, whiles she stares at her own reflection in the mirror."Why don't you go to bed?" Paris says slowly. "You look tired.""You also look tired.""Yeah, I do, don't I?""Why were you so late?""Work. I hope you're not going to ask me about Stavros, are you?""No, I'm not.""Good.""I'm going to bed.""You should," Paris says as she removes her makeup."What happened? You don't look OK.""I'm OK.""Maybe on the outside, but not on the inside."Paris turns to face her younger sister, still holding the piece of the tissue she's using to remove loli nu pedo dorki the makeup. "What? What are you talking about?""That's what I feel." And with this Nicky walks away and back to her room, closing the door behind her.Nicky lolli girl models tgp drops herself on the bed, closes her eyes and tries to sleep, but she's unable to. She feels the throbbing arteries pumping blood into her head, faster, the faint sound becoming an obnoxious rhythmical noise. She hears her sister walking down the hall several times, switching on and off the light as she passes by her door. Nicky's hopes lolita bbs post board are entertained, but they are dashed seconds later. Nonetheless, Nicky doesn't cry this time -- fatigue takes over her body. She closes her eyes and falls into a light sleep. very young lolita schoolgirls lolita nn model links -oOo- Present day, at Kevin Connolly's place..."Hey, Nicky," Kevin says, snapping his fingers. "I'm talking to you. Are you listening?"Nicky's blue eyes rotate so that she sees his discontented face, her chin propped up with her fist."Nicky, what's the matter?""Nothing, I'm just tired.""Lately, that's been your answer to every goddamned question I ask. I told you you should go easy on your work. You're becoming a workaholic. Relax. You don't have to compete with your sister all lolita virgin picture archive the time.""Is that what you think? Am I competing with Paris? Is that it?""Come on, you know what I mean. You don't have to be so upset. I just want to help you, babe. You know I've been there for you. I know you take your work very seriously.""So?""So? So what?""Kevin, I need to say something...""What, babe?" he says, holding her free hand. He tries to make eye contact with his girlfriend, but Nicky evades his eyes.Finally, she releases her chin from her fist and straightens herself up. She looks him in the eye and says, "Kevin, I'm sorry, this isn't going anywhere I know you've been there for me. I great little lolitas bbs can't thank you enough for helping me get through all that mess with Todd, but the thing is... I don't love you. I thought I did, but I don't."Kevin stares at her in shock. "What do you mean? Are you dumping me?""Kevin, it's not like that. I...""Yes, go on. You want to go back to Todd?""No, not at all.""Then what?""Listen to me. There's no-one else. You're a sweet guy. I don't want to hurt you more than I have. Listen to me, let's stay friends. You were my friend then, I want you to be my friend now.""I'm sorry, I can't be your friend," Kevin says, getting on his feet, pacing the floor of his kitchen, pulling back his hair with both hands.Nicky closes her eyes and she's on the verge of tears. She feels guilty for hurting him like that. She recognizes his desperation in her own desperation. They were both lost souls searching for the unattainable. She felt lost with him; she felt lost without her.Like a zombie, she rides back to the Hollywood Hills house she shares with her sister. Most probably Paris is not there. She is returning to an empty house after breaking up with Kevin Connolly. Paris would young rika nishimura loli surely go ballistic if she knew what she had just done. lola bunny adult gallery Paris remained uncommitted. Nicky wanted to have her for herself alone, but Paris didn't see things that way. It was uncharted territory for the both of them.When she arrives home, she sees Paris's Ferrari on the driveway. She heaves a deep sigh as she walks in the entrance hall. She listens to the sounds of the house and hears Paris's voice. She ambles over to where the voice comes She opens the door of the living room and sees Paris watching a re-run of The Simple Life with Tinkerbell on her lap."Hey," Nicky says to the dog. "I thought you were with Mommy Hilton."The Chihuahua yaps back at her as though she has understood what Nicky has just said to her."Mom was here. She asked about you. Where have you been?""At Kevin's."Nicky feels her sister's eyes leave her. For a moment she thought she saw just the tiniest disappointment in Paris's face, but now her older sister's face looks as neutral as before."No big deal," Nicky says, sighing. "We broke up.""What?" Paris says, looking at her, visibly surprised."Yes, you heard me. I broke up with him.""Why? You didn't... tell him... or did you?""No, I'm not stupid.""But why?" Paris asks, raising her voice, surprise turning into anger."You know why. I can't ask something of you if I lolita bbs model bbs can't give the same to you, can I?""You're crazy, Nicky. We can't." Paris shakes her head, reaching for Tinkerbell, caressing her between her ears."I can. And I just did." Nicky wheels about and leaves the living room. She climbs the stairs in a nimble pace and opens the door of her room with violence. She wants to scream but she keeps the scream inside. Her sister already thinks she's crazy and she starts to think that she might be right. "What was I nude lolita underage angels thinking? What was I thinking?"She falls onto her bed, shuts her eyes and covers her ears with her hands. Her eyes remain dry, only her heart beats faster, like a unrelenting hammer Then, without really expecting it, she feels a pair of hands. She turns around and sees Paris. "Come, let's go to my bed. I know you need me now. I'd be a bitch if I let you here all alone dealing with the most stupid thing you've ever done.""Paris... Star...""Come, baby," Paris says, tugging her sister up by the arm."No, I don't want your pity.""Ssh, cut it out. I'm not offering you my pity.""Then what?""Come, and I'll show you." Yesterday, at Paris & Nicky's Hollywood Hills house...Paris has been all day with Stavros Niarchos and his friends and returns home to see Nicky passed out on the kitchen floor. She is about to call 911 when she hears her sister moan."Nicky, are you OK?""Yeah, I'm OK.""You scared me the hell out of me.""I'm sorry, I must've fallen asleep on the floor.""On the kitchen floor?""Yes, I almost didn't sleep last night. I went to the kitchen to fetch something, I felt flat chested young lolita dizzy, and then I just sat down on the floor.""You're not OK. You young little lolia model need a doctor.""No, I don't.""Yes, you do.""No, I don 't. I just need something to eat. I haven't eaten all day.""Why the hell not?""I was sleeping, remember? I can't sleep and eat at the same time.""Then go sit on the couch. I'll cook for you. And I will call a doctor. And don't you try to talk lolita guestbook fozya ranchi me out of it because I'm more stubborn than you."Two hours later, Nicky is all smiles, after the nicest meal her sister has ever prepared. The doctor came and went. He prescribed some vitamin pills. Before he left, Paris had fumbled in her bag and grabbed a vial. "Are these OK?""Where did you get those?" he asked, scowling at her."I have always tons of vitamins with me. So, are these good for her?""Well, yes, but...""Thank you. I'll show you to the door."Returning to the present, Nicky giggles."Why are you laughing?" Paris asks, holding her sexo con lolitas fotos sister closer, making her lean back against her body."You should've angels lolita sex tgp seen his face when you showed him the bag with all your pills.""I'm just prepared. If he didn't like it then that's his problem.""Yes, that's my sis, my big, sweet sis."Paris lolita sex young girl looks pleased, playing with her sister's hair. "I like you better like this.""You mean, blonde?""Yeah. You also looked hot when you were a brunette, but I like you better like this.""You think I'm hot?" Nicky says, giggling again."Of course, I have the hottest sister on the planet," Paris says with the wriest smile."Me too," says Nicky, quivering for a moment, suddenly becoming silent and serious."A penny for your thoughts," Paris says, still weaving her sister's loli tinies 13 yo hair with her fingers."I was thinking...""About?""Eglantina.""What about her?" Paris says, her hands coming to a halt."What was that like?""OK.""Just OK?""Yeah, but I don't want to talk about it.""I'm sorry."A long moment of silence followed until Paris says, "Nicky?""Yeah?""I thought you fell asleep.""No, not yet," Nicky says, turning her head so that she could face Paris."You should.""I've slept enough."Paris's hands caress her sister's face. "You still look tired.""I'm OK, stop worrying about me.""Look who's talking.""OK, whatever." Nicky slides down Paris's body and rests her head on her sister's lap."I'm tired, I think I'm going to bed.""No, please don't go. Stay.""I can't. I'm really tired. I haven't slept all day.""OK, then go.""You can come with me.""Where?""To my bed," Paris says, rolling her eyes."Are you sure?""Yeah, it's either that or knowing you're gonna whine all night."Nicky sits up and protests, "I don't whine.""Of course you don't."Paris leaves the living room and then she climbs the stairs, closely tailed by her younger sister, who swats Paris's ass."Hey, that hurt.""No, it didn't. So, who's whining now?"Paris and Nicky wrestle at the top of the stairs. Nicky giggles and screams, trying to get rid of Paris's hands, without much success. After a couple of smacks from her big sister, Nicky disentangles herself from Paris's arms and runs away to her sister's bedroom."That's not smart, that's actually really dumb.""Why is that dumb?" Nicky asks at the doorway of her sister's bedroom."Because you should've gone to your room if you don't wanna get smacked again.""Who says I don't wanna get smacked again?"Paris tilts her head to the side and sends her sister a devilish smile. "Oh, you wanna play me. I can play you." Leisurely she walks toward Nicky, who's still giggling at the doorway; then Nicky starts to retreat to Paris's room, grinning, her face flushed, brushing her hair away from her eyes.Nicky settles down on her sister's bed and then lies on it, crossing her arms as though to protect herself from any new onslaught at Paris's hands."You're really want to get smacked, don't you?" Paris asks, smiling down at her sister straddling her.Nicky nods, giggling from time to time, locking eyes with Paris. Paris tickles her and Nicky lets lollita girls in cp out a giggly scream. "No, noooo, nooooooooo!""Then go to your bed and you won't get punished.""No, I won't. I'll stay and I will get what I deserve," Nicky says, grinning."We are really playful tonight, aren't we?""Yes, we are," Nicky says, nodding with exaggeration.Paris tickles Nicky again and she twists her body to escape her sister's fingers. She yelps and her ass gets smacked by Paris. "Oh, you're mean.""Yeah, and you're crazy.""Yeah, that's for sure."This time Paris's face is just a few inches above her sister's. Nicky stares at her, giggling from time to time, but her faces gains a sudden seriousness."What?" Paris asks.Nicky doesn't give an answer but instead she raises her head and kisses Paris on her lips. Paris recoils and breaks the kiss."What the... What the hell did you do that for?"Nicky tries to stand up and young teens lolitas golden leave lolitas angels dark portal but her sister's legs don't let her."Hey, I asked you a question," Paris says, pushing her sister back onto lolita thumb gallery pic her bed. "I didn't say anything about leaving.""Let me go," Nicky demands, visibly upset."I asked a question, and I want an answer to it."Nicky dodges her sister's eyes. She is nervous, her hands quiver."Nicky, look at me." Paris grabs her sister's face and makes her look into her eyes. "Why did you do that for?"Nicky just shrugs with a troubled, anguished expression on her face."Nicky, talk to me.""No, just leave me alone. Let me go.""I won't until we talk.""Yeah, and then?" Nicky says, tears welling up in her eyes an spilling to the cover of Paris's bed."Ssh, baby, don't cry.""I'm not," Nicky says with a hoarse voice."Yes, you are." Paris's fingers wipe dry her sister's face. "Is this because of that stuff with Ms. Dykey Eggplant?""Who?""Eglantina.""No, why should it be?""You wanted to know what was that like.""Huh?" Nicky looks lolitas bbs pedo preteen at her sister, puzzled."You kissed me because you wanted to know what was that like," Paris says, somewhat annoyed."No, it's more than that.""More than that?""Yes, that may've been lolita galleries top sites the trigger, but...""But what?""I've wanted you since we were kids. I just didn't had the guts to tell you." Nicky covers her face as though thoroughly ashamed.Suddenly, Paris rolls over to the side and releases her sister. For a moment she remains quiet, sitting on her bed, looking into space with a vacant look.Nicky props up her body with her elbows and watches Paris with a worried face."Star...?""Don't you fucking touch me.""Star, please..." Nicky is again on the verge of tears. "Please, I'm sorry. Just forget what I child nude lolly edition just said. Please.""That's a bit too late for that, don't you think?"Nicky springs off the bed and scampers out of the room. Paris stays there, looking down at the rumpled sheets of her bed. A sudden sadness takes over her and her eyes glaze over. She cries quietly, and so much so, that one of her contacts ends up on one of her fingers. She removes the other and walks over to the bathroom. She puts them away before she is able to look at the looking glass, where she sees an upset Paris, who's upper chest heaves almost uncontrollably as if she is having asian lolita nude photo a panic attack."Calm down, calm down, calm down," she repeats to herself softly.She goes back to her room, past her sister's, and closes the lolita news bbs art door behind her, gently, as though her sister lolita cum art photos is asleep and she doesn't want to wake her. She undresses and puts on a nightgown made of pink silk. She turns off the light and pulls the covers over her, before lying down on the bed. She tries to sleep, but the silence in the house is deafening. She knows Nicky is just a few feet away from her, in the room next to hers and she is probably crying, crying her eyes out.The memory of the kiss returns. She tries to chuck it off her mind, but the memory of the kiss remains; her lips sting slightly as though she has, again, been kissed by Nicky. This brings her back to the photo shoot with Eglantina, and the inconsequential kisses with the MTV Latin VJ. Her life dream was to get married and have kids, not this lesbo crap. But Nicky... Why did she have to do that? Kiss her. And then tell her she's wanted her all her life?Paris hates sleeping pills but lolita young topless models she is really considering taking one. She turns to the doorway and sees a shadow. With her heart beating like hell and a chill of fear tearing down her spine, she asks, "Is it you, Nicky?""Yes."Paris turns on her bedside lamp. "What's the matter?""I can't sleep."Paris looks at her sister and the first thing she notices how thin Nicky really is. Her long legs look sexier than ever, but lust seems so wrong at that moment. Nicky is wearing a white silky top and panties. She looks terribly unhappy and upset, her hands brushing against her arms as if she is feeling cold. Taking pity on her little sister, she draws the covers aside, inviting Nicky wordlessly. Her sister takes the hint and goes over to her bed and lies down next to her, turning her back on Paris."Shall I turn off the light?" Nicky asks."No, let's talk."Nicky waits a few seconds before turning over to face her sister. "You wanna?""Yes, we've got to, don't you think?"Nicky nods, waiting young lil loli pics anxiously for what Paris has to say."Now tell me: why did you forced japanese lolita mpegs kiss me?""I'm sorry, it won't happen again, I swear.""That's not what I asked."Nicky's blue eyes look scared. Paris's hand comes out from under the sheets and caresses her sister's hair. Nicky nuzzles her sister's hand and this time Paris lets her kiss her palm. Paris shuts her eyes for a moment, somewhat lightheaded by Nicky's palpable lust tempered with fear and extreme anxiety."I'm sorry," Nicky's voice pleads."Don't." Paris opens her eyes and stares back at Nicky for a long time. "Come here."Nicky bats her eyelids a few times as though she didn't understand what her sister has just said."Come here, baby." Paris opens her arms, inviting her sister in. "That's OK That's OK."Nicky finally understands and crawls into her sister's arms and this time Paris kisses underage penetrate lolita videos Nicky's forehead, then 101 lolitas preteen nude her eyes and then her cheeks."I'm sorry," Nicky says with the faintest whimper."Ssh, that's OK."Their embrace becomes tighter and an undeniable lust washes over Paris. She is confused and wavers between sending her sister away or kissing her pouting lips. And without really lolita dark collection russian realizing it, Paris chooses for the latter, her lips joining her sister's for a preteen lolitas pink portal long, long time. At first they kiss tentatively, but then lust takes hot little girls lolita over and the kisses become more passionate Nicky moans. Paris stops."What?" Nicky asks, scared again. "Did I do something wrong?"Paris laughs. "Oh, yes. Did you ever!"They kiss for a long time and Paris hands keep caressing her sister's upper body, feeling her breasts, the taut nipples, the suppleness and smoothness of another woman. She feels her sister's desire between her legs. The cotton panties is wet with it and sticks to her thigh. She presses her own pubis against her sister's hipbone and it is her turn to moan almost inaudibly.They kiss again, lips on lolita pthc cp preteen lips, teeth biting the other's mouth, Nicky smiling, Paris smiling back."Is this what you wanted?"Nicky nods."Then that's what you're gonna get."Paris kisses Nicky's neck, licks it, nude underage lolita girls her tongue wetting it. For a moment Paris stares down at her sister, looking into her sister's attentive piercing blue eyes. "I love you.""You do?" Nicky looks utterly surprised."Yes, you're amazing. The best friend I could ever asked for. The only person in my life who hasn't stabbed me baby pictures lolita sex in the back.""No, I would never do that to you.""Yes, that's why I love you. I love you so much.""Oh, Star..." Nicky moans as her sister kisses her, passionately, wildly.Nicky's hands knead Paris's breasts over her silky nightgown.Paris whispers into Nicky's ear: "Take it off, baby. Take it off."Nicky does what she is told and pulls the gown over Paris's head. She lol loli rompl dorki kisses her older sister's neck and then young black lolitas nude she moans. In an irresistible impulse, she brings her hand to her sister's crotch and feels the wetness in her panties made of pink lace.Paris moans into Nicky's ear and Nicky alt binaries lolitas bbs has almost an orgasm. She keeps caressing her sister's crotch, up and down."Fuck, Nicky, that feels so..." Paris's voice trails off; she humps her sister's hand with abandon, feeling an orgasm approaching, which is amazing She never felt this sexual with anyone. They continue at it until Paris doubles up and an overwhelming wave of pleasure runs through her body, lashing it like a whip. Paris xxx lolita teen delete moans out loud and Nicky's grins like crazy, her hand completely drenched despite Paris's panties. Paris is crazy with lust and kisses her sister fiercely."Let's get rid of your panties, I want to feel you inside."Paris stops and grins. "Then take them off." She rolls over on the bed, watching her sister kneel beside her. She opens her legs, offering herself to her sister's lustful stare. Paris bites her lips, her hand disheveling her own hair, using her seductive poses to entice her sister even more.Nicky laughs, sliding atop her sister's body, giving her a kiss, then crawls back and removes her sister's panties with a fluid movement."Hey, that's not fair. I'm naked, you're lollita under age pics not.""Patience's a virtue," little lolita rape pics Nicky quips."We'll see about that." Paris sits lolita loli pics nude up on the bed and forcefully she tugs her sister's top over her head. Nicky giggles."Oh, non nude lolita preeteen wow. I like it when you take over."Paris grins at her and pushes Nicky back onto the bed. She covers her sister's body with her own, caressing her breasts, her ribcage, while Nicky lets out moans and whimpers. Nicky reaches for her own sex and tries to masturbate. Paris swats her hand away."No, patience's a virtue, wasn't it, little teen stars magazine loli girl?""OK," Nicky says, giggling. She regains her seriousness in no time -- desire was all over her face. "Make love to me, make me come. Please?""Sure, baby, but you gotta be patient." Paris removes her sister's panties and for the first time they are completely naked. Paris waits for a few seconds before spreading herself on her sister's body, her thigh pressing against her sister's drenched womanhood. They kiss some more and almost innocently thumbanail lolita pic gallery they humped with each other's hipbones."Make love to me, Star. Please."They kiss with their open mouths and they moan simultaneously. Their hands fumble all over, touching erect nipples, taut stomachs, nimble legs, wet pussies. Suddenly, Nicky is invaded by one finger and then two."Ohhh," she moans, humping the fingers. "Faster, faster... Yes... Oh my gawd."The fingers enter into her womanhood and Nicky almost faints with pleasure. Paris is unrelenting. She keeps fucking her little sister slowly but steadily, her fingers ever more slick with her sister's secretions, feeling the velvety smoothness of the inner walls of her preteen nude little lollipops sister's throbbing vagina."Oh, Star... Ohhhh... Star, fuck it, fuck me."Paris is amazed by her sister's response and how that so familiar body reacts to the touch of her fingers. She grabs her sister's breasts and nipples as she gives her the fuck of her life.Finally, Nicky becomes still, and the bed sheets are drenched with her sister's pleasure. Her body best lolita video sites arches up a bit before it settles down on the bed. With all her might, Nicky clasps her sister's forearm, hurting Paris in the process. She releases it when Paris complains."I'm sorry, did I hurt you?""Well, yeah, but that's dutch lolitas top 100 OK.""Let me see your arm.""No, that's OK."Nicky looks down at the mess she has just made. The sheets must be changed before anyone can sleep in that bed. "I'm sorry.""Stop saying that." Paris looks at the red marks on her arm."Let's go to my bed. We'll change the bed tomorrow." And before Paris can say no, Nicky gets on her feet and drags her big sister to her own room.She drops onto her bed, pulling a naked Paris down onto her own body. She stares at her in the semi-darkness of her room. "I love you."Paris smiles, but remains silent. Instead, she just arranges her sister's covers so that they can slide under them.For a long time, they keep kissing each other's lips, cheeks, ears, fueling their desire for each other, their pleasure running down their thighs, mingling in a common slow trickle."A penny for your thoughts," Paris says, nuzzling against her sister's neck, becoming acutely conscious of her sister's erect nipple against the palm of her hand."I love you."Paris's answer was kissing her sister, slowly, with her eyes shut."Will this ever end?"Paris opens her eyes and stares down at her sister. "Only if you want to.""I don't.""Then stop worrying.""I can't.""You should."And with that, they fall asleep in each other's arms, her bodies entwined, her hands resting on each other's breasts, tweaking nipples in their sleep. lolita modeling agency tgp bbs links pics lolitas -oOo- Present day, at Paris & Nicky's Hollywood Hills house...When Nicky wakes up she doesn't see her sister."Star?""I'm here. Outside."She searches for her robe and slips it in with ease. She steps outside and sees Paris in a white summer dress, sitting at the patio table, looking poised and tranquil. Tinkerbell is on her lap. The dog looks curiously at her, while her older sister seems lost in thought."Is something the matter?"Paris removes her darkened glasses and looks at her with her vivid blue eyes due to the contacts she's wearing. "No, everything's fine.""Are you sure?""Yes, baby. Everything's OK. Don't be so insecure. You're the one who always said what I should or shouldn't do, even though you're my little sister. I want that Nicky back."Nicky smiles. She goes around the table and rotates her sister's chair so that she can sit on her lap. The Chihuahua protests but Nicky is in no mood to let herself be driven off by a dog. Tinkerbell is set down on the patio ground and Nicky nestles against her sister. With her face a few inches from Paris's she whispers, "I missed you. For a moment I thought you were gone.""Gone where?""Stavros.""Stavros doesn't mean a thing... lolita teens free galleries compared to you. You're my sister. Nobody can compete with that.""I love you so much." Nicky's voice grows in intensity, her breathing catching from time to time. Paris trembles, watching her sister's expression change."You're too intense. That can't be good.""Don't say that. I'm in love with you and I've always been.""Stop it, Nicky.""I am and I can't help it.""Ssh, baby. That's OK. It's all good... It's all... good."Nicky rests her head on Paris's shoulder, looking up at the sky, smiling a little as her sister kisses on her cheek. They kiss once again, on the lips, and then Nicky realizes that her sister's words were true.It's all good...It's all good, for that was another pure moment of life. THE ENDWhere to find other stories written by me: http://www.sistersinlove.orgComments are welcome! Email me to:
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